Writer’s Block

I have a writer’s block.

I have a writer’s block. The story I want to continue is at a standstill because I cannot figure out what words will make the characters move forward.

I have a writer’s block. My mind is blanking because I don’t know where to begin the next scene.

I don’t know how to begin the next scene…

I can almost see the end, but I cannot see the next step.

I think I can see the pieces that follow this one, but I cannot see this one.

I have a writer’s block. I cannot write the next scenes because I do not know where this scene ends.

I can almost feel what’s next, but it isn’t tangible.

Writer’s BLOCK.

How to articulate?

It’s like hitting a wall.

Like hitting a wall with a ball that goes through the wall and disappears.

Like…I had something, where did it go?

I need to get through the wall now.

I have to find where the damn ball went because I need it back.

It cannot possibly disappear!

Could I just…buy a new ball?

Or multiple new balls?

It’s not the same.

It’s not the same as my old ball.



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I transform my sensitive perspective of the world into collisions of words; Writer.